I could tell you why to reach out to me, but instead I’ll let my friend and former client share his experience:

My first exposure to working with Pete was about 10 years ago when he helped us to determine the manufacturing footprint we required for Day-Timers’ entry into digital printing technology for personalized planning tools.

Utilizing simulation tools he helped us to avoid about $100K in finishing equipment costs.

He also helped us to properly layout the lines, which lowered our ongoing labor and operating supplies expenditures. Since that time Pete has helped us with a number of additional projects, which helped us to save millions annually. One project helped us to free-up manufacturing space so that we could relocate our call center from a leased facility. Another focused on significantly reducing slow moving and obsolete inventory so that we were able to vacate leased warehouse space.

Pete is a great person to work with. He listens to your issues and then comes back with focused and realistic approaches to help you solve them.

This is the story of the 300+ companies I have worked with. For all I have provided services and results to make a successful company. I have also worked in a variety of operational positions. In each company, I accepted their problems as my own and celebrated their successes as much as they did.

I am looking forward to helping you run a successful business. We will do this by prioritizing your time, energy, and resources. I will help you to solve your current business problems.

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