Business Operational Consulting with Peter Christian

Peter Christian is a hands-on executive and trusted adviser with 40+ years of professional business experience. 

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He brings practical knowledge to solve problems working as a part of the client’s company to help ensure their success. He listens to the employees, managers, and executives and understands their concerns and issues. He then provides focused and realistic approaches to address and resolve them.

Peter helps businesses to realize what their constraints are and how to overcome them.

He finds the root causes of the business problems and establishes a common sense approach to resolving them.  Having dealt with and experienced many of these situations himself, he can bring that experience and knowledge to bear in correcting and resolving adverse or troublesome situations.

Peter played a key role in the 700% growth of Crayola in his 17 years with the company. Since then, he has worked with 300+ companies. These ranged from million dollars to Fortune 100 enterprises. He has helped them to reduce costs and increase profitability by millions of dollars while adding and saving thousands of jobs.

Peter does not jump into a company and try to change everything. He first spends time to know about the company and the people he is working with. There are many things a company is doing well. Those things are left alone. Instead, he finds those things that aren’t working well and addresses and helps the client to fix them, together. The client is intimately involved in establishing the root causes, determining what and how to fix them, and then getting them resolved.

Celebrating success

Throughout his career, Peter has remained dedicated to education and professional development.

He has a B.S. I.E. from Rutgers University and an M.S.I.E from Lehigh University and he holds the following professional designations:

  • Certified Jonah with the Goldratt Institute
  • Senior Project Management through the AMA
  • Guest Lecturer at the Lehigh University’s ISE Department
  • An adjunct instructor at Northampton County Area Community College

Peter is an active consultant, ready to help manufacturers and businesses in the consumer goods areas. He specializes in the following disciplines:

• Project Management and Team Building
• Operational Strategic Planning
• Continuous Improvement
• Lean and Cellular Manufacturing
• Facility Planning and Layout
• Profit and Process Improvement
• Cost Control and Profit improvement
• Activity-Based Costing/Management (ABC/M) Development
• Supply Chain

Peter is a bestselling author on Amazon of the book “What About the Vermin Problem?” He has also contributed a number of articles to professional journals, including:

  • IIE Magazine
  • Industrial Management magazine
  • Packaging Journal
  • ASQC Journal
  • IIE Solution
  • Design 2 Part
  • Consulting magazine

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