How many of your leaders shared their knowledge, experiences and wisdom to help you?

Peter Christian - Author

Did they help in dealing with issues you were facing or how to better approach your job?

If you have even one, you are quite lucky.

In my career, I had too many who told me to “fix” the current business problems. They provided no thought on how to do so. I was tossed into the pool and told to swim on my own, with no lifeguard or life preserver nearby to rely on.

As you climb the company ladder, it gets even lonelier. The mindset is that you should have the answers to whatever problems or situations may arise. Even the best person needs direction at times. They also need the opportunity to confer with and continue to learn from others.

I wrote this book for three reasons.

  • First is to share my thoughts and experiences with people in all operating levels. They can then learn what works to make companies successful or unsuccessful. Knowing the right things to do is important but what to not do is also valuable.
  • The second reason is therapeutic. Throughout my work life I have come across many situations, good, bad and ugly that I dealt with. At each instance, I thought that it would be interesting to write about these at some time. That time is now.
  • The final reason is so each reader of this missive will take these examples and points to heart. It is my hope that you will compare what you and your company are doing to run a successful business. Please take a look at what I’ve listed here and gauge how you stack up.

I followed up with “Influences and Influences” because:

  • Managers struggle not only with business issues, but their own problems as well. By telling of what I have gone through I can help them with what are many of the same issues I have dealt with.
  • There is help beyond what I can offer. We all just have to look for it. Lots of people are available to help. They just need to know that their assistance is needed.
  • We run across many people in our business lives. While some are really good, others are not and can cause individuals more harm than good. Knowing who to trust and work with is important. This book helps provide guidance in that respect