What about your job and company keeps you up at night?

Learn what characteristics make a business successful.

Do you feel increasing demands on production without support to handle these? Or maybe, your company values are unclear and you’re lacking resources to make improvements. Sometimes, it’s a lack of capable labor replacements or additions that frustrates our growth.

When you’re experiencing decreasing productivity, quality, and on-time delivery it can be frustrating. The experiences I share here can help alleviate your fears of business failure.

Read the articles below.

Learn what characteristics make a business successful and how to deal with:

Peter Christian helps you understand the characteristics of a successful business.

I will help you change your paradigm and look at how to do things differently and for the better. It will allow you to get new, fresh ideas and to pick a direction that works for you. Learn what characteristics make a business successful. How much do you trust the advice you get or will get or are you on your own to figure things out? Are you looking for someone who has walked in your shoes? Someone who has practical, common sense ways to help you? You’ve found it here.

Latest Articles

Help is there if you want it

Help is there if you want it in Business and Life

At some time or other in our lives we need help. Help is there if you wnat it. This may be for school, home care ...
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Getting different perspectives

Getting Different Perspectives

Getting different perspectives is very important. “It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” – George Eliot ...
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Trust but verify

Trust but Verify: A Critical Business Mantra

Suzanne Massie, an American writer, met with President Ronald Reagan many times. She taught him the Russian proverb, Trust, but verify (The Reagan Years" by ...
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Encouragement to grow and succeed

Encouragement to Grow and Succeed

Encouragement Everybody needs encouragement to grow and succeed . At our earliest age, we are get that from our family and friends. They help us ...
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What I Learned in Writing, Marketing, and Releasing my first book

What I Learned in Writing, Marketing, and Releasing my first book

Writing Writing a book, getting it printed, and selling it is quite a process. This is what I learned in writing, marketing, and releasing my ...
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Rado Interview - Business Edge

My Interview with Pat Crowley on The Business Edge

Listen to my radio interview about What About the Vermin Problem? I enjoyed spending some time sharing stories about my business consulting journey and what ...
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