What about your job and company keeps you up at night?

Learn what characteristics make a business successful.

Do you feel increasing demands on production without support to handle these? Or maybe, your company values are unclear and you’re lacking resources to make improvements. Sometimes, it’s a lack of capable labor replacements or additions that frustrates our growth.

When you’re experiencing decreasing productivity, quality, and on-time delivery it can be frustrating. The experiences I share here can help alleviate your fears of business failure.

Read the articles below.

Learn what characteristics make a business successful and how to deal with:

Peter Christian helps you understand the characteristics of a successful business.

I will help you change your paradigm and look at how to do things differently and for the better. It will allow you to get new, fresh ideas and to pick a direction that works for you. Learn what characteristics make a business successful. How much do you trust the advice you get or will get or are you on your own to figure things out? Are you looking for someone who has walked in your shoes? Someone who has practical, common sense ways to help you? You’ve found it here.

Latest Articles

Influences and Influencers

What I Learned in Writing, Marketing, and Releasing my Second Book

I have now written and published my second book entitled, “Influences and Influencers”. Even with one book under my belt, there was still a lot ...
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What is really important

What is Really important – The End Result

We often mistake what is really important - the end result is. “Don't mistake activity with achievement.”― John Wooden John Wooden was arguably the most ...
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Rules and laws to live by

Rules and Laws to Live by for Success

We are a nation of laws. We have laws and rules to live by. Without them we would have chaos and possibly even anarchy. They ...
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Politics can be detrimental to a business

Politics Can be Detrimental to a Business

When we hear the word politics, we almost immediately think of our local, state, and federal officials. Their actions and activities are forefront in the ...
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Building your business with the right people

Building Your Business with the Right People

Having a business with partners is like having a marriage. That is why "Building your business with the right people" is so important. Your spouse ...
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What makes us important

What Makes us Important

What makes us important is a lesson I learned early in my career. It was a normal day at Air Products and Chemicals. I was ...
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